The 18 Funniest Detention Slips Ever Issued

Ah, the joys of school: chatting with friends before class, chatting with friends after class, and occasionally getting busted for chatting with friends during class. Unfortunately, as every student knows, school isn't always the most intellectually stimulating place in the world. The sad truth is, not every school subject is interesting, and after listening to a teacher drone on and on, even the best of us can get a little restless. That's when funny detention slips like the ones on this list start making the rounds.

Here you'll find a collection of funny detention notes that detail the antics and offenses of funny kids getting in trouble. You have to admit, most of them were totally worth a trip to detention hall. While you’ll meet a few kids who got nailed for things like volunteering to get hit in the face with a paper airplane, most of these crimes are evidence that these kids have a way better sense of humor than their teachers.

So if you think your kid is bad, or have ever wondered how your younger self would measure up against the troublemakers of today, this list is for you. You’ll find yourself in good company among these detention-serving student offenders.