The Funniest Dodgeball Team Names Ever

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You think your team name is funnier than all of these? Add it to the list and see how it does.

Dodgeball. It's a game that most of us have played. And when you played it, you probably got injured, probably more severely injured than you'd expect from a game that is played with soft rubber balls. This may be the reason that there was a pretty substantial backlash against this wonderful game some years back in regards to it being played in schools (in gym class, at recess, or otherwise). Somebody always gets hurt. I guess parents just don't understand that that's precisely why it's so fun.

Though dodgeball may have been taken away from us in school, it's hanging tough in "adult" leagues around the country, thanks to a noticeable resurgence after that dodgeball movie. You know the one...That movie. I'm blanking on the name.

Anyway, if you're going to be on a dodgeball team, you better have an awesome name. Here's a list of some of the best dodge ball team names. What do you think? What are the funniest names you've ever heard?

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  • Daj Mabal
    578 votes

    Daj Mabal

  • The Dodgefathers
    495 votes

    The Dodgefathers

  • The Mother Duckers
    401 votes

    The Mother Duckers

  • Balls of Duty
    418 votes

    Balls of Duty

  • The Nutshots
    293 votes

    The Nutshots

  • Don't Stop Ballieving
    151 votes

    Don't Stop Ballieving