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The 16 Funniest Moments From All Of Dragon Ball Z

List RulesVote for the funniest Dragon Ball Z moments. Quotes from Dragon Ball and Dragonball GT are ok too.

List of the funniest moments and quotes from Dragon Ball Z, including videos of each scene. The legendary anime series that brought you famous quotes like "Kamehameha!!" and "It's over 9,000!!" contains many funny moments, with hilarious monologues as well as dialogue between two or more characters. DBZ quotes can be epic to the point where you can goosebumps from hearing them, which is why we decided to take a lookat the lighter side of the show. Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Master Roshi are all included in this rewind to some of our favorite Dragon Ball Z lines, but these moments feature other characters as well.

Vote for the funny Dragon Ball Z quotes you like the most, and downvote any that you think aren't funny. We're leaving this list open to add things, so feel free to include your funniest DBZ moment if it's not already here.

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    No Balls! No Balls!

    Video: YouTube

    "It's your balls Bulma, they're gone!"
    Dragon Ball always managed to work in some, um, mature humor in the series. We could fill an entire list with Master Roshi's pervy moments. Here, though, Goku finds out that Bulma doesn't have any balls, to which Bulma thinks he's referring to Dragon Balls, not, you know, the other kind.

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    At Least It's Not Pink

    Video: YouTube
    "It's the latest fashion on planet Yardrat, but I guess it does look a little strange," Goku tells Vegeta after he asks him about his "absurd looking outfit." Goku continues, "... but at least it's not pink!"
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    Bring Me A Drying Cloth At Once!

    Video: YouTube

    "Hello? Servant woman! Bring me a drying cloth at once!... Woman, can you hear me?"

    Vegeta tosses back some attitude to Bulma after she orders him to take a shower.
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    Bulma's Your Mother?!

    Video: YouTube
    In a conversation with Goku about whether he already knows Trunks' mother, Trunks says, "She's standing right there." Goku, surprised, falls down on the ground laughing and says, "Bulma's your mother?!"
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