Funny Names to Give a Duck

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Who doesn't love funny duck names? If you’ve adopted a new pet duck and are searching for creative duck names, you've landed at the perfect place. Read through this duck name list featuring clever and funny ideas, as well as puns. You're sure to find some inspiration for a name for your feathered friend.

When it comes to a list of duck names, this one is pretty comprehensive. It all depends on what type of moniker you're looking for. Consider your duck's personality and looks. Is he or she more of a serious waterfowl? You may want to go with literary duck name puns like “Duckleberry Finn” or “Moby Duck.” If you find pop culture references funniest, you may opt for cool duck names that play off movie and television characters and actors. A tough duck might be “Duck Norris," a feathered heartthrob a “Quack Morris” or “Quack Efron." And for that sophisticated bird with an air of mystery, “James Pond” is a no-brainer.

There are so many good possibilities when it comes to funny names for ducks. Read through the list, and vote for your cute and humorous favorites.

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    Quackie Chan

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    Michael Quackson

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    James Pond

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    Quack Sparrow

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    Duck Norris

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    Cheese And Quackers

  • 11

    Sirius Quack

    Harry Potter name the most siruis duck this :)

  • 12

    el quacko

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    Quack Efron

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    Hugh Quackman

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    Quacker Jack

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    Quack Black

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    Moby Duck

  • 24

    Beneduck Cumberhatch

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