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The Funniest Dumb Tweets Ever

Updated June 14, 2019 2.7m views45 items

To state the obvious, the Internet is a game changer. It has brought humanity closer together. It has the power to make us smarter, more informed, more in tune with the world around us than ever before in human history, But that's not what anyone uses it for. Why would you? Why let the Internet make us smarter when it can just be an epic collection of dumb Tweets that are guaranteed to make you laugh? You don't need to be smarter when you're laughing. As long as you're laughing you're living your best life.

Make no mistake, what you’re about to behold are funny tweets that are dumb enough to make even the most optimistic among you check into the possibility of applying for a passport to Mars. Because maybe humanity has a good run and it's time to pull the plug and start over? 

But if you’re up for a good laugh, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! They may not be pretty, but these stupid tweets are sure to have you grinning, not to mention feeling awesome about your own intellectual capacity in no time.
  • World's Worst Selfie Location

    Photo: flickr / CC0
  • Ironic Proof That There are Some Things Not Even Jesus Can Fix

    Photo: flickr / CC0
  • Oh Boy.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
  • Crushing Collective Hope of Humanity