27 Funny Posts From People Who Are Loving The Most Punishingly Difficult Game In Years

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Elden Ring. Yes, it's extremely difficult, but without that difficulty would your triumphs feel so rewarding? Players can't get enough of one of the biggest games in years. And as seen in these tweets and memes, when they aren't traversing the Lands Between, they're posting. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

Photo: Reddit / Reddit

  • 1. Creeps

    Photo: u/OptionOther2308 / Reddit
    46 votes
  • 2. Whatever It Takes

    Whatever It Takes
    Photo: u/chad711m / Reddit
    31 votes
  • 3. Can't Beat The Bear

    Can't Beat The Bear
    Photo: u/DaemonXHUN / Reddit
    30 votes
  • 4. The Are Apparently Real

    The Are Apparently Real
    Photo: u/Admirable-Wasabi-993 / Reddit
    29 votes
  • 5. Where Did That Come From?

    Where Did That Come From?
    Photo: u/albertredneck / Reddit
    28 votes
  • 6. Darn Bird

    Darn Bird
    Photo: u/SolinciTTV / Reddit
    24 votes