People Describe The Greatest Evil Prank That They've Ever Pulled Off

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One Redditor asked the question, "What evil prank have you pulled off?" Here's a collection of the best answers from people that channeled their inner Jim and pulled hilarious pranks on unsuspecting Dwights. Enjoy!

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    Introducing Two "Deaf" Friends

    From u/molnarg1102:

    Two of my friends have never met eachother. Before they spoke I told both of them that the other is a bit deaf. They shouted at eachother for a few minutes before they realized that I'm an a**hole.

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    Changing Mom's Laptop Wallpaper

    From u/Troidin:

    My mum's laptop wallpaper was a picture of her granddaughter. I copied the picture 100 times and made her wallpaper a slide show of the same picture over and over again, so the file would change but nothing would change visibly on the monitor. The pictures would change every 10 seconds. On one of the images I painted a tiny little curly moustache on her. So randomly for 10 seconds my niece would have a moustache. My mum thought she was either losing her mind or had a computer virus and everytime the moustache popped up, it was gone by the time she tried to show anyone.

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    Picking SAT Students

    From u/cryslea:

    One summer in college, I worked in the registrar's office, registering all the incoming freshman. A prof who was a mentor to me was teaching freshman seminar and asked me to hand pick a class for her. Straight A students, high SATs, whatever. So I did. 15 students, all named Sarah.

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    Salting Gatorade

    From u/mc_freak2013:

    People in school used to always take my Gatorade. So I took an empty bottle, filled it with dyed salt water, and let them take my drink. Not gonna lie, it was hilarious watching one person to spit salt water in the middle of class only for their unbelieving friend to do the same.

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