The Most Epic Facebook Burns in Internet History

It's one thing to get burned in person, another entirely to get the burned on Facebook. Scars from epic Facebook burns last an Internet lifetime. Dank social media shade throwers go hard in the paint. Like the dragons of myth, they sear you with their intense heat, reveling in triumph at the profundity of their funny disses as your flesh boils and your liquefied guts slop out your mouth, to be eaten by rats as your body rots in the sun. 

Wasn't it William Shakespeare who said "Why existeth the Facebook but to burn and be burned alike?"

Ahead you will find pictures of unfortunate Facebook burn victims, those who were incinerated by such funny insults they had to visit the Internet emergency room. Some were burned by a friend of a friend, falling victim to the third degree burn, while others were burned directly by people they known and love, lit up by an infernal second degree burn. The verbal scars from these funny Facebook posts are permanent. There is no Internet burn victim corrective surgery. Just years of continued ridicule. Enjoy this red-hot collection of funny Facebook insults and burns, and remember to think before you post. 

Caution: contents are hot af. Flame-grilled whopper sized burns ahead. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the FB kitchen.