This Instagrammer Is Planting Fake Products And Signs In The Wild, And Not All Of Them Sound Fake

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Everyone has probably played practical jokes by putting products in different, often horribly wrong, places at stores. But no one has had more fun with misplaced products or even funny fake products than the well-known Instagrammer Obvious Plant.

Otherwise known as Jeff Wysaski, this artist makes "street humor" his mission. He places weird products and signs where people may easily overlook them – but if they spot one of his creations, they're bound to double over with laughter. The funniest Instagram posts from Obvious Plant showcase hilarious self-help books, funny knock-off products, and revolting fake foods. The products are just off-kilter enough to pass for real if you're not paying enough attention.

The best Obvious Plant posts bring some much-needed zaniness to everyday life. Check them out, and vote up your favorites.