Awkwardly Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

This is a photo gallery of funny family Christmas pics. As we all learned in Little Miss Sunshine (the only movie to teach this), not all families are perfect. So the fact that we can gather together to take a photo is already a miracle, but below are miracles that happened to shine a little brighter than most.

Some went above and beyond and wore costumes, some worked in their pets, and some decided to bring accessories. So gather around the fire with your loved one and your laptops (some maybe one in the same) and gaze upon the family photos that rose above the rest.

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  • 1. Dash Away All!

    Dash Away All!
    Photo: u/spurscar / Reddit
  • 2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
  • 3. Modern Family

    Modern Family
    Photo: u/tomwhat03 / Reddit
  • 4. Christmas Ninja Roundhouse Kick

    Christmas Ninja Roundhouse Kick
    Photo: Pinterest