The Funniest Fantasy Basketball Team Names

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This list is all about some of the best team names in fantasy sports. Fantasy sports are where it's at. It's like a video game, except it isn't. It's like playing a sport, except not at all. It's like gambling, except it isn't, but it kind of is. The point is that it's fun, everybody is doing it, and it's something to do with your friends if you're completely bored. So, if you're looking for some funny fantasy basketball names for your team this NBA season, you'll find some great choices here.

The NBA has had its ups and downs, and so will your fantasy basketball team. It'll be frustrating. Basketball is a sport where anything can happen. Anybody can have a terrible night and ruin your whole fantasy mojo...or whatever. Injuries are frequent. Mid-season trades are commonplace. Honestly, trying to run a successful fantasy NBA team will undoubtedly prove to be a nightmare.

Though that might be the case, you can take some comfort in your team name, as long as you make it awesome. The following is a list of some really funny fantasy basketball team names. Vote for your favorites and be sure to add any hilarious names that aren't already on the list!

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    Balls Deep

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    Kobe Wan Kenobi

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    Magic's Johnson

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    Those White Guys On The Bench

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