Funny Farewell Cakes For Your Coworker Who Quits Next

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Hardly any situation, good or bad, feels complete without a cake. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, divorces, even funerals call for confections to sweeten the ceremony or to sugarcoat  the sadness. Even office culture embraces the confectionary trend in the form of funny farewell cakes for quitting coworkers. Cakes for coworkers who quit soften the blow of a potentially somber departure, similar to how funny death cakes lighten the mood.

For some of these farewell cakes, their layers aren't the only frosty things about them; quite a few quitting cakes feature jokes that cut deeper than any cake knife. The more passive aggressive cakes in the collection below use detachment to ease the pain of a coworker's betrayal.

These clever cakes for quitters may not bring your old coworker back to the water cooler anytime soon, but they at least let them know how big a mistake they're making by leaving your company. Let them eat cake, and let the door hit them on the way out.