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Funny Names to Give a Ferret

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Aww, ferrets are awesome! If you’ve just gotten a new pet ferret and need some funny ferret name ideas, this list is a great place to start. You’ll find clever ferret names, cool ferret names, and, of course, cute ferret names.

Some of the very best ferret names are as adorable as they are creative. Here, you’ll find options like "Noodle," "Bandit," "Fuzzy Wuzzy," and "Slinky." For some other pet ferret names, why not go with "Little Weasel" or "Fretti" - it means "ferret" in Dutch.

If you’re hoping to give your new little buddy a super cool name, try some punny ferret names, like “Will Ferret,” “Farrah Ferret,” “Colin Ferrit,” or even “Ferret Bueller.” He’d be a cool ferret, for sure.

What about tying in a little Hollywood to your ferret’s name? “Weasley” would be perfect (as in the Weasleys from Harry Potter), and “Podo” and “Kodo” were both in Beast Master. And another Potter reference: Draco got turned into a ferret briefly, so why not “Draco Ferret”?

If none of the names on this list strike you as an immediate name choice, don’t despair. Spend some time with your new ferret. Sometimes it takes a little while for their ferret personalities to develop. Bookmark this list for later - but be sure to vote your favorites up before you go!

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, most clever names to give ferrets.