25 Funny First Day of School Pictures

Remember those yearly back to school pictures your mom would always make you pose for every year on the first day of a new grade? While enduring first day of school pictures may be a long, proud tradition among kids everywhere, that doesn't mean they always turn out exactly as planned. Here you'll see a list of hysterical back to school images that defy traditional expectations. 

The funny school kid pictures you'll see here feature kids who aren't exactly enthusiastic about their first day back in the classroom as well as parents who can't wait to drop them off there. So whether you're not exactly thrilled about your own impending first day at school or are a parent who vows that summer can't end soon enough, you'll find yourself in excellent company among the crowd you'll meet below. 

Consult this list to think of hilarious ideas to pep up your yearly back to school photo session or to feel better about the one you've just been forced to endure. If you need more photos like this in your life, check out this list of kids before and after their first day of school

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    Can You Guess Who's the Most Excited For School to Start?

    Can You Guess Who's the Most Excited For School to Start?
    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    The Party Don't Start 'Til This Guy Walks In

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    It's the Final Countdown

    It's the Final Countdown
    Photo: thestatuswoe / via wordpress
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    "Good Luck, Cupcake!"

    "Good Luck, Cupcake!"
    Photo: Happy Acres Photography / via facebook