Hilarious (And Totally Harmless) Frat Pranks  

Matt Manser
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When it comes to pranks, one group of people seems to rise above the fray and produce results that are truly epic - fraternity brothers. And thanks to these funny frat pranks, you too can join in the fun.

Pranks are something you might do as a kid, but for most people, it's a phase they grow out of. That's not the case for frat brothers. They're in that sweet spot of having the independence to pull any prank they want, while still being young enough to hold onto that childhood immaturity. Sure, some of the best pranks ever aren't necessarily frat-centric, but college life still feels like the prank's home base. Whether it's pulling a fast one on their friends, their enemies at a rival frat, or on the crusty old dean, the best pranks for fraternities stand the test of time. The good news is these pranks for frat brothers can also be done by you - or done on you if you're not careful.

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Turn A Room Upside Down

This one is a classic, dating back to rock bands in the '70s, according to MythBusters. Take all the items from a guy's room, and then superglue them to the ceiling. It will take some effort, but with some really strong glue, you can get a table and chairs (and even a bed) to hold onto the ceiling for an extended period of time.

If executed properly, your friend will return home, see their room, and suddenly have no idea which way is up and which is down.

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Unleash A Glitter Bomb
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If you're into things that are sparkly and fun, you probably enjoy glitter. However, if you're in a frat, you might not enjoy it so much... especially if you don't know it's coming.

That's what happens when you contact a company such as and order a glitter bomb. The company sends what seems like an ordinary package in the mail - and who doesn't love getting package? The answer to that question is "people who have to spend the next several months getting glitter out of incredibly inconvenient places."

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Barricade Their Room From The Inside Or Outside

When a buddy is out of town for a weekend and you have access to their room, sneak in and turn all their furniture into a room barricade. Move all chairs, desks, and even beds in front of the door so that getting into the room is nearly impossible. Of course, to pull this off, you'll also need to have a window in the room you can sneak out of without much trouble.

A somewhat simpler method is to put a barricade on the outside of someone's door - like snow, for example.

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Tie Their Door Handle To Another Door Handle
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They say it's always preferable to take down two birds with one stone. Or in this case, prank two people with one rope.

If you have two people with rooms across the hall from each other, just get some rope and tie their doorknobs together. Then knock on the doors and watch them struggle for the next several hours... or until you finally feel bad for your victims and cut the rope.

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