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Funny Names to Give a Frog

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List RulesVote up the funniest, cleverest names to give a pet frog or toad.

Who doesn’t love a pet frog? If you’ve recently acquired a new froggy buddy, you’re probably giving a good bit of thought to a name. You're in luck - this list is full of ideas of clever frog names. No pressure, but keep in mind that frogs can live a long time in captivity. Choose wisely, because your frog will (hopefully) be around for many years to come.

What’s the first name that comes to mind when you think of a frog? You probably said "Kermit," and with good reason. The adorable Muppet is probably the most famous frog of all time. Naming your own little guy after him is a cute idea. Other cool frog and toad names include references to famous amphibians, like "Michigan J. Frog," "Mr. Toad," and "Dig’em." As for Jeremiah, he was a bullfrog, and that’s another excellent choice.

If you’re looking for funny names for frogs, consider "Bud Weiser." Or perhaps you find "Lilly Paddy" the funniest. Some punny names include "Tad Pole," "Hopalong," "Frogger," and "Gorf" - which is actually just "Frog" spelled backwards.

Vote for the most creative pet frog names and puns here, and add your own top choices, too. Hop to it!

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, cleverest names to give a pet frog or toad.