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Chris Abraham
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We've all cringed while watching old episodes of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (and not just because of Regis Philbin's lame jokes). One the of the risks contestants take when signing up to compete on a TV game show is that they'll make a stupid mistake, which will then be saved on film and broadcast to millions of people. And yet, the lure of lots of cash or major prizes is too much to resist.

This list of the greatest game show fails of all time, including videos of each incident for your viewing pleasure, highlights the best/worst moments in game show history. Honestly, is there anything better than a good game show blooper? Between stupid contestants, dumb answers, and obvious cheaters, there is so much potential for something to go wrong on a game show. But it's not always the contestants -- sometimes  the hosts and showrunners are the total knuckleheads.

This list features funny fails and bloopers from Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, The Family Feud, and other gameshows. Vote for the videos you think are the biggest fails, and downvote the clips that didn't impress you. The funniest game show moments are the ones where people aren't trying to be funny, so also take how authentic they are into consideration when voting. 

This Was a Really, Really Bad Guess

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Because there's always that tiny sliver of a chance that the board just spelled the answer wrong, right?

Price Is Right Contestant Wins Best/Worst Prize Ever

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Watch the horror unfold as The Price is Right gives a wheelchair bound contestant a shot a winning a big prize. . . which unfortunately turns out to be a treadmill. 

Jeopardy Contestant Gives THE MOST CRINGEWORTHY Answer Ever

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This accidentally pervy Jeopardy! contestant proves that some answers are worth keeping to yourself, no matter how much money's at stake. 

Woman Thinks that Doctors Routinely Pull Gerbils Out of Humans

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When asked to name something that doctors routinely pull out of patients, this gal's answer is exactly what you're afraid it will be.