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25 Hilariously Devastating Insults Only Gamers Understand

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Gamers are an interesting group of people because they share a language that evolves with the meta. Like gamer jokes, insults in the gaming community require insider knowledge to know just how bad the burn is. And got forbid if you don't get it - that just makes it so much worse. Most online gamers that spew insults do so in fits of rage when something doesn't go their way. They suddenly devolve into a racist 12 year-old-boy who fires off round after round of insults while making comments about your mother. These video game webcomics also heavily take from some of the harsh dialogues of worldwide gamers.

If you become the victim of severe gaming burns, be sure to apply ice magic to the affected area and use a sleep spell to get some rest. If irritation or butt-hurt lasts for more than either hours, it's recommended that you see a specialist and git gud, scrub. Compiled below are some of the best insults that only gamers will understand. Vote up the ones that rub the most salt into the wound! 

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    Why Don't YOU, Nintendo?

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    Mac Gamers Be Like

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    Being Of Silver Rank

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    Filthy Casual

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