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The Funniest Gardner Minshew Memes For Football Fans

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The funniest Gardner Minshew memes are proof of just how quickly the new quarterback has captured the hearts of Jacksonville Jaguars fans (and haters). With his big arm and big mustache, Minshew was an instant sensation when he burst onto the NFL scene and inspired many memes to go with it.

Most of the images have to do with Jaguars fans begging their team to commit to the young QB and put Nick Foles on the bench, while other funny Gardner Minshew pics focus on just how cool the guy looks.

So vote up the Minshew memes that make you laugh the hardest, and check back to see how other football fans decided.

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    Might Delete Later

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    Marie Kondo For GM

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    It Feels Different, Though. Right?

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    Minshew To The Rescue 

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