animals 34 Hilarious GIFs of Cat Jumping Fails  

Jo Swo
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Despite being renowned for their elegance and dexterity, we managed to find all the funniest GIFs of cats falling flat on their faces or any other part of their bodies... just not their feet. It turns out, as evidenced by the hilarious cat jumping fails on this list. Do cats ever NOT land on their feet? Oh, yes. 

We're sure that if the Egyptians saw this clumsy side of their idols they might have favored the dog, or maybe even the dung beetle, instead. These cats bring shame to the feline name, getting themselves stuck in some tricky situations, missing their jumps, and falling flat on their faces. But the best thing is, you can watching cats jumping and failing over and over again!

Click through the cat fail GIFs below and vote up the funniest GIFs, featuring the most epic cat fails of all time.
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Down Into the Depths of Hell

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Mirror Mirror On the Wall...

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Camouflage in Three, Two, One!

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