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Hysterical Tweets People Playing 'God Of War' Will Relate To  

Ryan Carlquist
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God of War is being hailed as a masterwork created by Sony game-development team SIE Santa Monica. Director Cory Barlog managed to completely re-imagine Kratos without taking away any of his signature, beloved characteristics (anger, mostly). Barlog took Kratos out of Ancient Greece and placed him smack-dab in the middle of the nine mythological Norse realms.

The game follows Kratos and his son Atreus as they traverse the rugged Nordic terrain. The gameplay differs greatly from the original trilogy as well, as the game is framed in a single camera shot, which sits directly over the shoulder of our favorite grumpy dad. And not to worry, there are plenty of people criticizing Kratos's specific brand of parental justice. The internet was quick to attack the new masterpiece, swiftly delivering the meme-haymaker Kratos deserves. 

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At Least There's 'Sea Of Thieves'?


Is this a burn worthy of Valhalla?
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Atreus Got Jokes


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Atreus Gets It, He's Your Son


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Getting A Little Winded


Is this a burn worthy of Valhalla?