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28 Times Google Definitely Judged You

Is Google judging you? If you've ever noticed some of the funny autocomplete suggestions Google provides when you start a totally innocent search, then you know just how judgmental the search engine can be. Google may not actually be silently drawing really weird conclusions about you, but all these autofill suggestions have a judgmental ring to them.

Google has provided enough passive-aggressive, mean-spirited, absurd, and straight up insane autocomplete answers to make us think that maybe someone at the tech giant believes its users are oddballs, degenerates, and morons. Luckily, much of what Google suggests is also genuinely funny. That's why we made a list of times Google  judgmentally jumped to conclusions with hilarious search suggestions.

Here are some of the funniest autocomplete fails that will make you scratch your head and wonder if Google has already judged you based on your past searches. Vote up the autosuggest examples that feel the most like Google is giving you a hard time.
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    No Really, Though, Why Isn't There a Light in the Freezer?

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    The CIA Could've Invented Dinosaurs, Right?

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    Asking the Tough Questions

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    "If I Only Had a Brain" Indeed

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