These Gordon Ramsay Memes Will Up Your Insult Game Tenfold

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Gordon Ramsay is one of the most famous chefs on TV, though not necessarily for his own culinary skills. Rather, his name has become practically synonymous with scathing insults flung through steaming kitchens at high decibels. His hit reality TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, mostly serves as a source of entertainment for those who find glee in the torment of beleaguered but well-meaning restaurant chefs. Though the so-called "reality" of the show is debated, the litany of Gordon Ramsay insults accumulated over Kitchen Nightmares's seasons never fails to delight. 

Ramsay's temper is so synonymous with his brand, in fact, that his knack for slinging disparaging comments became a meme, garnering some level of fame - or, perhaps, infamy - in its own right. Vote below on which Gordon Ramsay memes are most likely to up your insult game.