20 Hilarious Texts From The Grammar Police

Text message grammar police - everyone knows them. Those kids who sat straight-backed and at attention throughout every single second of English class as the rest of the kids doodled or passed grammatically incorrect notes. It’s quite possible that at the time, you may have even felt secure in the odds that no one would ever really notice if at some point in your grammatical future you accidentally made the wrong selection when faced with a choice between words such as “its” and “it’s” or “your” and “you’re.” “No big deal,” you probably thought, “who really cares?” Well, friends, unfortunately, school is out, grammar training is over, and these language sticklers here to tell you exactly who cares via this series of commandeered grammar texts.

Hide your text speak, hide your incorrectly used abbreviations, because no stray comma or pop lingo spellings are safe from the reach of grammar nerd’s ruthlessly correction-mongering reach. Here you’ll find a series of screenshots which demonstrate firsthand the interactions between bad grammar texts and the grammar perfectionist who were waiting to intercept them. As you’ll see throughout the following exhibits, many times having your grammar corrected in texts is just plain annoying. On the other hand however, you’ll also observe a few rare instances in which grammar nuts do indeed prove their worth in society as they swoops in to save the English language from those would attempt to take grammatical liberties too far.

So take a look and judge for yourself. In which of the following instances were these grammar junkies justified in shutting down a drunk dialing texter and in which do they simply appear to have way too much time on their hands?