Funny Haikus That Show How Great Things Come In Small Packages 

Mick Jacobs
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While many poems beat around the bush for multiple stanzas, the funniest haikus on the internet get right to the point.

Relying on a mere 17 syllables to function, joke haikus require only a minimal amount of attention for a maximum amount of entertainment. For those who find Shakespeare too wordy or Thoreau too pretentious, punny haikus are the perfect mixture of artfulness and amusement. Thankfully, the internet has no shortage of funny poems, and that means more haikus than there are stanzas in The Divine Comedy

The subreddit r/Haikus offers a whole catalog for people to browse, and books such as Nerd Haiku show off clever ways to incorporate geek humor into the art form.

See An Opening

When life shuts a door

Just open it. It's a door.

That is how doors work.

- From Redditor /u/Cheesyliner

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An Autobiography

I drink brake fluid

They say I'm addicted, but

I can always stop

- From Redditor /u/IFTN

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Who Can They Trust?

My zipper is down

No one has told me all day

Who are my real friends

- From Redditor /u/michaeljbam

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Wolf in sheep's clothing

Meets a sheep in wolf's clothing

Confusion abounds

- From Go Comics

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