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19 Happy Endings Moments That Prove It Was the Best

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When you become attached to a TV show, it’s always scary when the ratings are low and each season might be the last. For fans who enjoyed three seasons worth of funny Happy Endings moments, it was known that the ride wasn’t likely to last long. While it may have unjustly gotten the axe, it’s always fun to remember the best Happy Endings scenes, and remain unconvinced that it deserved anything less than as many seasons as the cast and crew were humanly capable of.

From "Stay at Home Brad" to Penny's invention of the "Whore's Bath," no comedy series will ever match the insanity the Happy Endings pals gave the world. So what are the funniest things from Happy Endings? Cast your votes below!
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    Rom-Com Con

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    Alex joins the crew at a diner and announces that she got tickets to Rom-Com Con, leading to a hilarious discussion of the other types of cons that should exist. The brainstorm is brought to a screeching halt in funny, albeit hostile fashion.
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    Stay at Home Brad

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    Brad has been staying at home while Jane is the breadwinner, and she thanks him for dinner, but perhaps goes a little bit overboard with her excitement and word choice, resulting in this hilarious moment.
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    Everyone Is Having Sex Dreams About Dave

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    In Season 2’s “Cocktails & Dreams,” everyone is having sex dreams about Dave. It’s not just the dreams that are hilariously done, but also Brad and Jane's wonderful middle of the night exchanges.
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    Trophy Wife Brad

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    When Jane calls Brad her trophy wife, he shows up to the dealership where she works and behaves like an absolute diva. It’s pure hilarity. From the flamboyant performance he puts on, to the baby pig named Carnitas, Damon Wayans, Jr. absolutely kills it in this scene.
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