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Hilarious Help Wanted Ads You'll Want to Respond To

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Do you ever feel overworked or under-appreciated by your current employer? Do you sometimes feel like you’re starting to spend more and more time at your thankless job dreaming of the day when you'll take that plunge into the help wanted ads to look for better prospects? Well if so then these funny help wanted ads are here to jump start your search or at least make your current gig look a hell of a lot more awesome.

Here you’ll find a collection of funny ads that span a wide range of humor, from the witty to the radically blunt. The employers you’ll meet below are, quite frankly, sick of the type of employees who are always managing to make them sick of their own jobs and are out to find some quality upgrades. Some of the managers you’ll meet below have had are so fed up with bullsh*t employees that they've come right out and told you exactly what they do or don’t want, while others are so sick of the continual need to restaff that the fact that you can read the sign at all is all the proof they need that you’re perfect for the position.

So the next time you feel yourself wondering what other prospects are out there, come on in and check out these funny help ads for a look at some of the best of the worst of what the employment world has to offer.
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    Half Shell Not Provided

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    A Guy's Gotta Start Somewhere

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    At Least They Can't Be Accused of Not Being Equal Opportunity Employers?

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    Now Hiring Sign Changers

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