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Funny Names to Give a Hermit Crab

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If you’ve just gotten a new hermit crab, congrats – they’re great pets. And of course, you want to give your new buddy a perfect name. This list of hermit crab names can help – whether you’re looking for funny or creative or clever hermit crabs names, you’ll likely find the perfect name listed here.

Obviously, many hermit crab name ideas involve plays on the sweet crustacean’s name itself, so consider cool hermit crab names like “Herman,” “Hermie” or “Herbert.” If your hermit crab is female, why not consider “Hermione”? You could also go for some other sea-related themes with your names for a pet hermit crab, including “Shelldon,” “Shelly,” “Shellfish,” “Seamore,” and “Crabby.”

If you’re looking for punny hermit crab names, there are several. You could always go with “Leondardo daPinchi” or “Penny Pincher”, or “Clawd” and “Clawdia” as well.  Want some celebrity hermit crab names? Go with the super famous “Mr. Krabs” or even “Davy Jones,” “Jack Sparrow” (in keeping with the sea theme) or “Edward Scissorhands.”

Hopefully this list of pet hermit crab name ideas helps you name your new pet quickly and easily. Have other ideas? Add them to the list – and be sure to vote for your top name choices as well.

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List Rules: Vote up the funniest, most clever names to give pet hermit crabs.