28 Funny Memes You Don't Have To Be A History Buff To Appreciate

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History is full of lessons just waiting the be learned. But, the subreddit r/HistoryMemes turns those lessons into hilarious history memes that prove there's plenty in the past to laugh about. Vote up the funniest history memes!

  • 1. Live Television Nightmare

    Live Television Nightmare
    Photo: u/somnum_osseus / Reddit
  • 2. Adventure Is Waiting

    Adventure Is Waiting
    Photo: u/TheKnightsWhoSayNyet / Reddit
  • 3. The Modern Life Of Pets

    The Modern Life Of Pets
    Photo: u/S0mecallme / Reddit
  • 4. The Best Of Friends

    The Best Of Friends
    Photo: u/MadRonnie97 / Reddit
  • 5. Business Was Booming

    Business Was Booming
    Photo: u/Ninjaman1277 / Reddit
  • 6. The Iconic Spaghetti Scene

    The Iconic Spaghetti Scene
    Photo: u/somnum_osseus / Reddit