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20 Homeless People with the Funniest Cardboard Signs

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Let's face it, between an economy that’s still trying to pull itself out of the crapper and a job market that shows no interest in expanding, times are tough for a lot of folks right now. While most of us have never actually experienced what it’s like to be homeless, it seems that many people are becoming more familiar with the sting of financial hardship than ever before. Perhaps that’s why the hysterical homeless people you’re about to meet strike such a chord with the people they encounter on the street every day.

Though humor isn’t generally the first thing many of us imagine when we think of homelessness, this list features a group of funny homeless people who defy the stereotypes. We may not know these folks’ stories and can’t even begin to imagine their circumstances, but the one thing that they all have in common is the unimaginable strength to keep smiling, no matter what.

Some of the people seen behind these funny homeless signs may think they have nothing to offer, but we think you’ll agree that they couldn’t be more wrong. Though many of them own no possessions and don't have a roof over their head, what these men and women do have is a richness of spirit strong enough to spread laughter to hundreds of people every day, as they step out onto the street with a smile on their face. So get ready for a look at some of the most brilliant homeless signs of all time as these folks deliver the best laughs you’ll have all day, for nothing but spare change.
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    The Legal System Strikes Again

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    Who Says Taunting Never Pays?

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    He's The Best Therapist In Town

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    The True Life Faith Test = Brilliant

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