Funny Names to Give a Horse

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Vote up the funniest, cleverest names to give a foal or older horse.

If you’re looking for some great and funny horse name ideas, this is the list for you. Some of these are breed-specific, some are male horse names, while others are more general and could be used to name fillies or colts of any kind. There are creative horse names and clever horse names, and any would make a good choice for your personal equine. 

If you're planning on taking your horse to shows, remember that the announcer will be saying its name. Perhaps the funniest horse names in that case would be "Hoof Hearted" and "Half Fast" (try saying them quickly). And punny horse names are fun, too - how about "Bitney Spurs," "Usain Colt," or even "Forrest Jump"? Cool horse names include "Silver" (The Lone Ranger’s horse), "Scout" (Tonto’s horse), "Rocinante" (from Don Quixote), or "Flicka" (from books and film). And even though "Mister Ed" is a little cheesy, it's still a cute name for a horse.

Congratulations on getting a new horse! Enjoy voting on this list of horse names and puns, and feel free to add your own.

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    Harry Trotter

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    Maple Stirrup

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    Tater Trot

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    Forrest Jump

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    Al Capony

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    Funny, if you want 2 horses, one could be harry trotter and teh other hermioneigh, it is a good match

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    Usain Colt

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    Mane Attraction

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    David Hasselhoofs

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    Bitney Spurs

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    Sylvester Stallione

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    Talk Derby to Me

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    Liam Neighson

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    Black Beauty

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    Hay Girl

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    Hoof Hearted

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    Pony Soprano

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    Chuck Horris

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