Hilarious Hangover Texts To Help You Get Over Yours

So last night you had one too many slippery nipples and woke up with your brain thumping in your head louder than the music at the club. Within seconds, you realize you may have partied a little too hard last night, as evidenced by your raging hangover and the large number of embarrassing texts you sent before going to bed. You'll deal with those later. But first, what better way to ease the pain than by gathering sympathy from your friends?

Check out this list of funny hangover texts from people who made some questionable decisions last night. Whether it was a regrettable booty call, public indecency, or just too much to drink, these people are feeling it. Thank goodness they documented how terrible they felt so we can all laugh at them. If you're feeling a little (or a lot) hungover this morning, perhaps this list of unfortunate partiers will help you feel a little better. Rank your favorites!