Hilarious Last Name Fails

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Nowadays, plenty of women are opting to keep their own last names after they get married. But for more compromising brides, the next best option is a hyphenated last name. It's a symbol of your separate identities, coming together as one. Sometimes with hilarious results. It won’t take you long to see what we mean, when you get a load of some of these funny last name fails. 

These poor couples prove that cupid has a sense of humor and that it definitely isn’t G-rated. Get ready for a good laugh as you flip through these hilarious married last name fails, some of which look more like directions from a romance guide than wedding announcements. Maybe it's a good sign for some of these soon-to-be-married couples that combining their names resulted in popular phrases or their favorite liquor.

One thing’s for sure, each and every one of these brave couples has our admiration for going for going ahead with their engagement announcements, rather than shying away from their awkward last name combos. After all, how far can you really hope to get in a marriage if you don’t share a sense of humor?

  • 1. A Fun Font Can Only Go So Far

    A Fun Font Can Only Go So Far
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  • 2. Couldn't Have Gone Better For This Guy

    Couldn't Have Gone Better For This Guy
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    1,719 votes
  • 3. Oh Dear

    Oh Dear
    Photo: VB6ftw / Imgur
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  • 4. Maybe They're Distantly Related?

    Maybe They're Distantly Related?
    Photo: VB6ftw / Imgur
    1,040 votes
  • 5. Tell Us, What's Your Secret?

    Tell Us, What's Your Secret?
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  • 6. Fate At Its Cruelest

    Fate At Its Cruelest
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    1,231 votes