Humor The 10 Best Gifs of Jennifer Lawrence Falling  

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List Rules It's no secret, J-Law may not always be the most graceful, but it's part of her charm! Vote up your favorite gifs of Jennifer Lawrence falling.

Enjoy these Jennifer Lawrence animated GIFs. J-Law's one of the hottest and most talented ladies in Hollywood, and she's only in her early 20's. She may be the sexy star of the best movies of this decade, but she is also the clumsiest. We've got the animated pics to prove it.

Want to see this klutz in action? Welcome to the world of Jennifer Lawrence falling on her beauteous butt. Or, if she doesn't fall, watch the aftermath of her fall, her thoughts on it, her male co-stars' reactions, and even her dress start to fall. It seems there is no winning for Jennifer Lawrence. Oh wait, as she's tripping, she's accepting her Academy Award. After you check these out, you'll likely also enjoy this list of overall best animated pics of Jennifer Lawrence.

Funny pics like these deserve to be shared and LOLed at, especially the parody ones involving Peeta from the Hunger Games franchise and a special animated appearance from Lana Del Rey. The Best Jennifer Lawrence Movies are some of the most popular movies of all time, and she has the trophies and box office acclaim to prove it. 
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If J-Law Doesn't Fall, Her Dress Will

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