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Funny Kids' Cards Drawn For Adults

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Prepare to behold a collection of hilarious cards kids gave to parents and other loved ones proving handmade cards are definitely the way to go. Drawn by children with love and magic marker, the funniest birthday cards kids ever made possess a quality, and sometimes language, all their own. Chock full of kid logic, accidentally inappropriate drawings, and blatant over-honesty, kid-drawn cards hit you in the funny bone and the heart like a Nerf dart to the eye. These little dudes and gals prove that when it comes to birthday presents, nothing's better than funny handmade cards from kids. No matter how disastrous and outside-the-lines they get, these works of art will make you smile. Hallmark, take note.

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    The Truth Hurts, Kurt

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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    This Tender "Birthday" Card Picked Out By A 5-Year-Old

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    Here's To Defying Those Odds

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    Let's Cut To The Chase Here...

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