47 Hilarious Knock-Off Toys That Just Aren't Quite Right

Have you ever been in a discount store and noticed that all of the toys and action figures look oddly familiar, only to realize that they’re just repackaged bizarro versions of products that you might find at a larger chain store? Knock off toys are BIG BUSINESS for discount retailers and bootleg shops. Even though they’re being sold for a fraction of the price of something you’d find at your typical toy store, the discount stores are probably picking up their merchandise for 1% of what they’re making you pay. This list of funny knock off toys goes deep into the funny bootleg toys world to show you all of the hilarious and bonkers toys that out there for you to spend your cold hard cash on.

A lot of the products on this list are Chinese knock off toys and we’re not even sure how they get manufactured. Are factory workers breaking apart toys and putting them back together in an unruly fashion? Are they manufacturing their own boxes and putting the toys in them? Are they buying toys from aliens? Seriously, this list of the worst knock off toys will make your brain explode. There are funny knock offs for everyone below; toy collectors, people who like to browse, and the folks in between. Just don’t let these funny toys break your brain.

Vote up the funniest bootleg toy pictures and really ask yourself: does anything from this list make you want to go to a discount store and start buying toys?