Graveyard Shift
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Discover The Bizarre, Lonely World Of The Last Blockbuster's Twitter Account

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How is a dead franchise like Blockbuster posting such weird, vaguely ominous, and often hysterical tweets from beyond the grave? Especially when the last corporate stores apparently closed in 2014. While franchise stores still remained open after that (perhaps this account is from one of them) they slowly dwindled down over the years to one last known location in Bend, Oregon.

It's unclear whether this account, called @loneblockbuster, is associated with this or any other franchise location, as they have only described their whereabouts as "Located between 3rd and Main in the Oak Lawn Shopping Center." While the Oregon location does reside in a shopping center near a 3rd street, no other details about the supposed store running the account can be verified. As such, it is almost certainly a parody account. But it's also so hilarious, it's impossible not to share. 

These tweets paint the last Blockbuster as some sort of weird liminal space, or an extra dimensional plane, filled with alternately amusing and somewhat horrifying characters and occurrences. So take a trip down memory lane, and go browsing through a darkly hilarious parody of the world's last Blockbuster.