Funny This Twitter Account Apologizes For Lena Dunham So She Doesn't Have To  

Lowe Saddler
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You like watching Girls, but you're plagued by pangs of a guilty conscience every time Girls creator Lena Dunham does something insensitive, or ill-thought-out, or mildly racist. You relate to women-in-transition characters like Hanna and Shoshanna, but you just don't understand how someone so seemingly self-aware and introspective can be as oblivious as Dunham at her worst. You're not alone in your dilemma, either.

Certain online personalities have taken it upon themselves to help you reconcile your mental dissonance. Jess Wheeler created the Lena Dunham apology account on Twitter to make amends for all of the TV producer's blunders and transgressions. Now you can watch Dunham on American Horror Story as Valerie Solanas without feeling like you're supporting an unrepentant dunderhead. Wheeler's tweets are pretty sensational.

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Because She Is Not Great At Giving Sincere Apologies


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Because She Can't Quite Grasp The Intricacies Of Race Relations


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Because She Thinks Coffee Is Intrinsicially Tied To Racism


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Because She Is The Best At Apologizing


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