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Funny Notes from Kids Who Are Wise Beyond Their Years

Kids may say the darndest things, but every one in a while, they hit upon universal truths we may not have realized on our own. You’ll see what we mean as you flip through these funny kids letters written by budding masterminds and wise-ass tots. After all, kids not only see the world much differently than adults, they're also gloriously free from the filters that prevent older folks from voicing their brilliance.

See these hilarious kids express their views on everything from politics to parenting though awesome funny kids notes. Prepare to chuckle as you watch these little guys catch on to things that their parents and teachers didn’t. Let them impress you with their knowledge of stuff like the important health benefits of pooping and what’s really in mom’s midday “apple juice.”

So if you’re tired of thinking inside the box, get some wild inspiration from these hilarious kids. Not only will you get a great laugh, you’ll also get some reassurance that the future may be in better hands than you think.
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    Seriously, Forget the Math and Get That Man to the Hospital

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    This Little Man Has No Illusions About the Future

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    This Kid Knows How to Make a Marriage Last

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