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'MADtv' Sketches That Remind You Why It Was On The Air In The First Place

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During its 14-year run on Fox, MADtv put out some seriously strange and daring sketch comedy. The series often took things way too far, and it likely would not survive in a climate where audiences are more aware of prejudice and stereotyping in the media, even in a comedic setting. That said, when the show was firing on all cylinders - like it was with the following MADtv sketches that aged well - it was untouchable. Many of the best MADtv sketches weren't attempting to capture anything in the zeitgeist; instead, they were just trying to be funny while doing something different. Even though the series was hit-or-miss, the audience could always count on being surprised.

Many of these funny MADtv sketches feature cast members who went on to find major fame, and it's fun to watch the actors and comedians work out their kinks before rocketing to stardom.

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    The Sopranos On PAX TV

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    The idea of something as "adult" as The Sopranos appearing on syndicated television is funny to begin with, but the idea that a cable network would snip and edit until the episodes are only two minutes long is so bullheaded, it's hilarious.

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    Can I Have Your Number?

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    "Can I Have Your Number?" is a dramatized portrait of the harassment women deal with on a daily basis - except it's also a comedy sketch. After this sketch, people everywhere were quoting "Do you like Mike & Ikes?" to everyone they met.

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    Shoe Store Girls

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    This sketch about three mean girls who work in a shoe store nails the dynamic of high school kids who talk trash all day but can't back it up. This joke must've seemed tired (even back then), but MADtv always knew how to inject something fresh and hilarious into an overused subject.

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    Laguna Biotch

    Video: YouTube

    This parody of MTV's Laguna Beach captures the interchangeability of reality TV stars, as well as the homogenous nature of Southern California. The sketch peaks when Kristin (or maybe it's Alex H) points out she only has one brunette friend.

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