20 Times People's Family Members Made Hilarious Power Moves That Deserve Some Respect

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From telling their friends that the wedding is just a costume party to their grandparents' unconventional meetcute, here are some of the funniest power moves made by people's family members that we've seen. Enjoy!

  • 1. W

    Photo: u/amqdio / Reddit
  • 2. Oof

    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 3. Best Investment Ever

    Best Investment Ever
    Photo: u/d3333p7 / Reddit
  • 4. He's Thinking Eight Steps Ahead

    He's Thinking Eight Steps Ahead
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
  • 5. That One

    That One
    Photo: u/IronicBacon / Reddit
  • 6. A Homie For Real

    A Homie For Real
    Photo: u/GallowBoob / Reddit