20 Mailboxes That Will Make You LOL

Ever see a funny mailbox that you can't help but laugh at? If you've got an address, you're definitely subject to endless, horrible junk mail arriving at your mailbox every week. So why not have a little fun with it? These people sure did - by tricking out their mailboxes to look like cartoon characters, animals, nature, and the occasional rude gesture. Whether it's a custom DIY mailbox or a professional looking sculpture, these people had a great time making sure their mailbox is the most noticeable on the block. 

Some of these people have dressed up ordinary mailboxes like creatures and animals, while others have taken everyday objects and turned them into a functioning mailbox. The best funny mailbox designs are over-the-top, creative, and will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Whether you're looking for some DIY inspiration or just want to laugh at how much time these people spent on decorating their mailboxes, check out this list and see what lengths they've gone to to communicate with the mailman.