Humor Horrifying Mankini Photos That Will Ruin Your Summer Vacation  

Nathan Davidson
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What started out as a joke by Borat has, sadly, tuned into a tragic trend in men's summer fashion. This nut-wrenching piece of swimwear, known as the mankini, is something of a cross between the world's worst taint sling and a a neon "V" for victory. What's the appeal? Well, maybe the bros in these gross mankini photos are being ironic. Or maybe dudes who pose for funny mankini pictures believe they're being sexy; the vile garment does, after all, allow for a full view of the male physique, including the proportions of the piston and spunk tanks. 

Yet the thing is, you don't find a guy with the divine physique of Michelangelo's David or mouth-watering blessing of Jon Hamm's third leg trotting about in a mankini. Pictures of guys in mankinis will invariably make you wish men the world over were a smidgen more self-aware. There's enough hair on display in these pictures to knit a sweater, make a wig, and have enough left over to floss. Why not just wear a sock on your hog? 

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