The Worst Maps on the Internet

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Vote up the maps that are the most hilariously incorrect and unhelpful.

Maps: how do they work? Presumably, when a cartographer makes a map they not only have expert knowledge of geography but also top-notch artistic skills. Not so much with the intense geography fails cataloged on this list. Some of the funny maps on this list were (hopefully) created to be silly, but for the most part, pure stupidity played a big role in the creation of these drawings of geographic areas. If you’re going on a road trip any time soon, please don’t take any of these maps along with you. Just do what everyone else does and make Siri tell you where to go until you lose cell reception and then panic. Or take an actual map! Either way, don’t trust any of the worst maps on the internet.

Check out this list of the worst maps on the internet and for Pete’s sake don’t commit them to memory! Vote up the maps that make you laugh out loud below, even though (or maybe because) they're the worst, and someone please track down some Greenland data.