Total Nerd This Artist Makes Profoundly Hilarious (And Gorgeous) Comics With Your Favorite DC Characters  

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Stjepan Šejić is a Croatian comic book artist who makes funny DC fan comics under the DeviantArtist handle nebezial. This list features some of the best fan comics of DC characters by Šejić! Though, calling them "fan comics" might not be entirely fair, since he actually does do work for DC, as his skill makes evident, but these are outside his role as one of their contributors. Ergo; fan comics!

Šejić takes your favorite DC characters and puts them in hilarious situations with a deft hand and a defter mind, even occasionally doing some unlikely crossovers, which he usually attributes to the multiverse. Like realistic Batman fan art, the artwork you're about to see is irreverent and side-splitting. Check out the funniest fan comics by nebezial and vote up the ones that make you grin. 

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Supes Can't Take A Joke


Photo: nebezial/DeviantArt

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Introducing Kal-Elsa


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And She's Probably Not Even Getting Royalties


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Not Even A Superhero Can Best Puberty


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