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18 Hilarious Memes About The Third Hokage That Prove He's A Questionable Leader

October 26, 2020 25.2k votes 3.3k voters 283.7k views18 items

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Hiruzen Sarutobi - AKA the Third Hokage - doesn't have the best reputation among the Naruto fandom. Being Hokage is a tough job, but it's fair to say that he didn't handle Konoha's crises in the most elegant ways. Plus, he didn't follow through on Kushina and Minato's promise to take care of Naruto. But it's probably better to let the memes speak for themselves. 

Whether it's ripping on him for doing Naruto dirty or making fun of his fight with Orochimaru, these Third Hokage memes will give you a good chuckle. Vote up the funniest ones!