31 Creative Menorahs That Will Make You LOL

Have you ever had one of those winters when you keep putting off prepping for this year’s Jewish holidays, only to realize that every store in town is fresh out of respectable menorahs for Hanukkah? Or perhaps you realized at the last minute that even though you don't to celebrate, your Aunt Esther is on her way over for a holiday visit. Fear not, because we've got you covered with this list of everything from the best DIY menorahs you can do on the fly, to hilarious joke menorahs that will keep clearance sections around the globe well stocked.

Looking for cool menorahs for Chanukah that will get your kids into the spirit? Check out the awesome Lego menorah you’ll find here. Got a husband who’s always too busy golfing or hitting the bottle to join in the festivities? We’ve got a plethora of ridiculously funny menorahs that will put a grin on the face of sportsmen and boozers alike.

So get your Festival of Light on with this hilarious collection of some of the unique, funny, and all around random menorahs in existence.