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30 Hilarious Quotes From The 'My Favorite Murder' Podcast That Make Us Proud To Be Murderinos

5 Mar 2020 6.3k votes 675 voters 10.0k views30 items

For anyone obsessed with true crime, the My Favorite Murder podcast is a must-listen. Since January 13, 2016, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have told sordid tales of intrigue, villainy, and - most importantly - murder to their denizens of adoring fans, inter-spliced with their witty commentary and the occasional meow from Georgia's cookie-loving cat, Elvis.

Since their flagship episode first aired, the pair has become a well-known voice in the true crime world, and with their constant stream of gripping cases and knee-slapping jokes, it's not hard to see why. Here are some of the funniest quotes from the MFM podcast that make us proud to be part of Karen and Georgia’s crew of “murderinos.”

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