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20 Hilarious Overhaul Memes We Laughed Way Too Hard At

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My Hero Academia is filled with amazing and memorable villains who always make the series more interesting and exciting. Some of the fan favorite MHA villains include Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki. But if you're caught up with Season 4 of the anime, you know that Overhaul (AKA Kai Chisaki) is one of the top ten MHA villains. From his crazy powerful quirk to his sick character design, Overhaul is a pretty awesome villain. And what better way to honor him than in the form of hilarious memes? This list will introduce you to some of his best memes on the Internet, ranked by your votes.

Whether you love him or not, these Overhaul memes will have you laughing your head off. Vote up the ones that you think are the funniest!