Hilarious Michael Myers Tweets To Get You Ready For Ha-ha-Halloween

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"Killing since 1963. Mental institution drop out. Not much of a talker, but i am much of a stalker. 45 Lampkin Lane, Haddonfield, Illinois." 

That's the Twitter bio of the hilarious @RealMMyers78. This parody Twitter account is dedicated to posting pictures, memes, and more from the perspective of Michael Myers himself - that classic horror slasher from the Halloween franchise. Of course, we all know that a real person is behind the posts from this fictional character, but some of them are just too funny and spot on to ignore. 

Despite the grisly nature of the character, people not only seem to love these Michael Myers tweets, but they also tweet the account back with some pretty enthusiastic responses... yes, Michael Myers thirst tweets are a thing. But who are we to judge? So to celebrate our love for the iconic character, here are some of the best posts and funniest tweets from the parody twitter account @RealMMyers78. Vote up your favorites, and don't forget to check out our other lists about this famous slasher!